Nunavut Trends: Lucien Taleriktok's Songs on Facebook

What becomes trendy, popular or "viral" around the world is always of interest for me from a philosophical perspective, and this is especially true in remote communities. Even within the past few days, I've already noticed some interesting trends, and have decided to share some of them now and then. What's popular in Nunavut right now?

The first thing I'll share is this Facebook video by Lucien Taleriktok, a resident of Arviat, Nunavut. Since I've arrived, I've heard it everywhere. It may be simple - I haven't yet found anyone who can tell me if the words mean anything - but it's oddly catchy and powerful as it builds in intensity. The Arctic Bay hockey team listened to it as a final pump-up jam before their winning match of the regional Qamutik Cup championship; some of my friends film their children dancing to it. 

What do you think?