Why Support Sea Ice Stories?

Note: Thanks to the generosity of many backers so far, the project has received enough funding to happen. Additional support will help me afford the months of scanning, editing, post-processing and writing necessary to create a finished product.

Transportation and operation costs in the Canadian Arctic are astronomical, with average airfare alone exceeding $5,500 and unbelievably high costs of living. To make this project happen, I am asking for help. To contribute, you can purchase a print, make a donation, or email me to commission a piece of artwork. 

I am reaching out for support from people who believe in supporting the arts, photography, and Arctic issues. I am determined to make this project happen no matter what - and every contribution will make a huge difference. 

Thank you!

-Acacia Johnson


71% funded!

GOAL: $15,000

The above goal reflects the minimum necessary cover airfare, housing and food for two months, as well as the costs of gasoline, dog food, large-format color film, film developing, scanning, and basic living expenses during an estimated 4 weeks of post-processing. This has been carefully calculated based on previous experience in the Canadian Arctic - a detailed budget can be provided upon request.


Gold Level Sponsors: Eric du Teilleul, Joan Stark, Harvey Trop, Oxen Expedition Engagement Network

Silver Level Sponsors: Jacques Gourmelen, Maria Bedoya, Tucker McGownd, Lena Wikström, Ulrika Marklund, Bo Wikström, Adriana Teresa Letorney, Pat & Karen Murphy, Gina Hollomon, Julie Decker

Bronze Level Sponsors: Jillian Richie, Deb Wukasch, Erica Schoenberger, Leslie Vandergaw, Nic Sedenquist, Ismael Siles, Henry Horenstein, Brian Lefoe, Rachel Jump, Alex McNeil, Suzanne Greene, Niki Trudeau, Michelle Pelescak, Ann Finkbeiner, Krishna Ginjupalli